17 Octobre 2017

Cendrillon Film 2007 (Extracts) – Les Ballets de Monte Carlo

Choregraphy : Jean-Christophe Maillot
Music : Serge Prokofiev
Scenography : Ernest Pignon-Ernest
Costumes Designer : Jérôme Kaplan
Lighting : Dominique Drillot

Jean-Christophe Maillot delivers a poignant meditation on the way in which people who disappear shape the future of those left behind. As soon as the curtains part, Cinderella appears, holding her deceased mother’s white dress in her hands. This embodies the complexity of bereavement. In this new family, it is forbidden from dwelling over the past. What once was has become taboo under the influence of the stepmother and her two daughters.

Through these three characters, the choreographer breathes new life into the myth of the stepmother and her ugly daughters. This is no prudish, sour or bad-tempered woman, and nor are her daughters ugly or stupid. The three women in this new family are powerfully erotic and use their charm to get what they want. Jean-Christophe Maillot has created another lead character: the Fairy, a radiant reminder or magical reincarnation of Cinderella’s mother. Thanks to the Fairy, Cinderella frees herself from the traps of the artificial world we first found her in.

In addition to a reflection on mourning, Cinderella is a funny, incisive take on a society crammed full of artifice, where the quest for pleasure strips its inhabitants of any sense of reality. Frenzied distraction, idleness, and boredom… In contrast to this, Cinderella is simplicity incarnate. Her bare foot becomes a symbol of ballet. It symbolises not only the simplicity and starkness of this young girl, but also a part of the body without which dance would not exist.

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Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Sous la Présidence de S.A.R. La Princesse de Hanovre, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo sont dirigés par le Chorégraphe Jean-Christophe Maillot.


Création, formation et diffusion sont réunis à Monaco pour se mettre au service de l’art chorégraphique d’une manière inédite dans le monde de la danse.

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