International University of Monaco

International University of Monaco

22 Mars 2023

MSc in Luxury Management – Q&A Session

Since 2006 IUM has developed the MSc in Luxury Management program, considering the needs of an ever-evolving segment and working closely with large corporations and emerging brands. The program aims to give students a strong foundation in Luxury Management, making them understand the theoretical framework, the principles of luxury dynamics, the luxury customers, and the luxury codes. In 16 years, the MSc in Luxury Management has trained a large Alumni Community well established and continually growing across diverse countries working in all luxury sectors.


L’International University of Monaco (IUM) est une école de commerce anglophone dédiée à la formation de futurs cadres et dirigeants originaires du monde entier dans des domaines d’activités à forte valeur ajoutée.


Elle offre des formations Bachelors, Masters, MBA et DBA dans des secteurs emblématiques de la Principauté : le luxe, la finance, le management international et le management du Sport.

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International University of Monaco

11 Novembre 2022

Entrepreneurship Series – FuturED

With Juan Francisco Davila Y Verdin.
At IUM, we help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the creative leadership skills to excel in startup and enterprise environments.

International University of Monaco

10 Novembre 2022

Alumni Career Talk – Sports Business Management

Listen to Maxime Zerbib’s story, his career path in the sports business industry working as a Customer Service Manager and Buyer, Nike Team at Ekinsport.

International University of Monaco

4 Novembre 2022

Business Insights with Mr. Francesco Grosoli, CEO at CMB Monaco

👉 He kindly answered a few questions about his career path and the private banking industry and shared some advice for our MSc. in Finance students who will soon start their careers.
▪ During his 30-year career in finance, he held senior positions in leading international banking institutions.
▪ After his first experience in BSI, he joined the Monegasque branch of HSBC, where he held positions of increasing responsibility until he became Head of Private Banking in 2006.
▪ In 2007, he joined Barclays as CEO/manager of the branch, and in 2015, he became CEO, Wealth & Investment Management Europe and, in 2016, CEO, Private Bank EMEA.
▪ From 2009 to 2019, he has been a board member of the Association Monégasque des Activités Financières (AMAF).

International University of Monaco

26 Octobre 2022

Alumni Series – Ieva Mikelinskiene

International University of Monaco

14 Octobre 2022

Alumni Series – Camille Lopez

Camille Lopez graduated with her MSc in International Management in 2022. At the end of the 1st year of her master, she launched Hy-Plug, a consulting firm for innovative projects in the yachting industry.
Passionate about technology and wish to preserve our environment, she offers consulting services for sustainable technologies and green energy in the maritime energy transition with HY-Plug.

International University of Monaco

11 Octobre 2022

Who We Are!

IUM educates highly skilled and responsible business leaders from all over the world in the fields of high-value activities, particularly in Luxury, Hospitality, and Financial Services.

IUM offers outstanding teaching in its small, connected, stimulating, cross-cultural environment fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative work, experiential learning, and mutual understanding among students, faculty, and staff.

IUM stands for educational quality through research devoted to advancing and disseminating management knowledge in high-value activities to improve managerial practices. It conducts its research activities closely connecting with the local and international business community, encouraging innovation, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development.

IUM contributes to the internationalization of the academic institution to which it belongs, OMNES Education, and the Principality of Monaco’s attractiveness and dynamism.

International University of Monaco

20 Juillet 2022

Laurea Magistrale in Luxury Management

“Le strategie del lusso sono state inventate in Europa e sviluppate in tutto il mondo principalmente da aziende francesi e italiane” (J.N.Kapferer, V. Bastien, 2012).

Monaco situata tra questi due paesi, rappresenta il luogo ideale dove gli studenti possono apprendere i paradigmi del lusso in classe e vivere il lusso al di fuori dell’aula.

Dal 2006 IUM ha sviluppato la Laurea magistrale in Luxury Management, considerando le esigenze di un segmento in continua evoluzione e lavorando a stretto contatto con i più grandi player del settore e marchi emergenti.

Il programma mira a dare agli studenti: una solida base nel Luxury Management, trasmettendo il quadro teorico, le dinamiche, i codici concentrandosi sulla Customer Experience del lusso. In 15 anni, la nostra laurea magistrale in Luxury Management ha formato una grande comunità di Alumni, ben consolidata e in continua crescita in decine di paesi, che lavorano in tutti i settori del lusso.

International University of Monaco

18 Juillet 2022

Sibgha Nasir – MSc in International Management student

International University of Monaco

18 Juillet 2022

Loris Cavalli – MSc in Sports Business Management student

International University of Monaco

14 Juillet 2022

2nd Annual UHNWI Summit

After the first edition in 2021, where over 150 UHNWI professionals joined an exclusive event about the UHNWI Customer Journey online and offline at the Monaco Yacht Club, we launched the second edition with the Yacht Club of Monaco on the 27th of June at the Yacht club.
This edition focused on The 21st Century Uber Luxury Client – Insights from practice and research.

International University of Monaco

11 Juillet 2022

Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge 2022

The Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge is an international business plan pitching competition showcasing new business concepts and models with a measurable positive environmental impact on the ocean.

The competition is open to students in different fields from around the world, as well as to entrepreneurs who have set up their businesses in the past 2 years.

International University of Monaco

8 Juin 2022

Grand Finale 2022 – Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge

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23 Mars 2023

Economie : Accueil d'une délégation d'entrepreneurs mauriciens

Pour la première fois, le Monaco Economic Board accueille son homologue mauricien, dans le but de faciliter leurs contacts et de travailler davantage main dans la main. Tourisme, finances, technologie, immobilier, innovation et énergies renouvelables ont été abordés par les deux entités.

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23 Mars 2023

Students on ice, une expérience unique

"Students on ice" une expérience unique, une opportunité pour des étudiants de la Principauté de mieux comprendre notre planète et de découvrir l'Arctique, c'est dans le cadre de la Monaco Ocean Week que le programme 2023 vient d'être dévoilé !

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