11 Décembre 2020

Career Talk about Luxury Yachts & Private Jets markets

♦ We are happy to announce a new series of #talks on careers in the luxury industry in collaboration with the best Masters in Luxury in Europe.
♦ This year we decided to invite #alumni of renowned universities and business schools to talk about #careers in the #luxury industry and inspire new generations of specialists in this unique sphere.
♦ The first talk on careers in the luxury industry will be devoted to the luxury yachts and private jets market.
♦ Two IUM alumni David Jakabovič, Sales & Charter Broker at Morley Yachts & David Kraetz, Sales Director Private Jets at Air Charter Service, will share their career success stories and expertise.

01:53 – Introduction
David Jakabovič, Sales & Charter Broker at Morley Yachts and David Kraetz, Sales Director Private Jets at Air Charter Service
4:13 – Companies presentation
8:16 – Who are your clients?
12:00 – What « time » means to your Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI)?
13:16 – Did studying at IUM help you find your current job?
15:22 – Skills needed to work with the UHNWI?
19:11 – How did you learn how to deal with these very particular customers?
20:35 – Career Evolution?
30:00 – Common ground/pattern within the UHNWI?
35:01 – Are people buying private jets?
36:52 – How long does it take to close a deal?
38:33 – Is an economic background required to work in these fields?
40:23 – Are your customers concerned about environmental issues?
43:12 – Examples of successful cross-marketing partnership with luxury brands and your company
46:58 – Is your job more networking or behind the scene technical tasks?
48:50 – How would you describe the mindset of your clients?
52:23 – Impact of COVID on your sectors?
56:43 – Do you use social media to promote yourself as a professional?
59:35 – How do you attract new customers? (Databases, buying leads, etc.)
1:01:56 – Which skills for which position?
1:05:32 – Do you use marketing tools to reach your clients, or do they contact you on their own?
1:08:20 – Do you think Africa is a viable market for the private jets industry?
1:09:25 – Renting Vs. Buying option
1:12:40 – Pricing to buy a regular or customized private jet
1:14:33 – Is there a limit to perfection in these industries?
1:15:37 – What’s your common job routine?
1:18:35 – Average and top salary in these fields?

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